6 Things Banks Should Be Offering To Keep Up With Women

by Miriam Ballesteros on Mar 8, 2019

Women decide on some 80% of all purchases across the board and are the main owners of 52% of bank accounts, yet they do not feel understood, satisfied, or that their needs are being met by banks or financial institutions. 

In 2017, we led a study called SheBanking: or the end of traditional banking where, together with the gender expert Gemma Cernuda, we discovered that the vast majority of women feel detached from the world of finance, its culture and jargon, putting them at a disadvantage when it comes to taking control of their financial futures, and making daily decisions with a sense of security.

In short, banks do not connect with women.

A lack of financial education, poorly-targeted messages and a male-dominated conversation mean that women are misinformed and worry more than men about their finance wellbeing. 

What Should the Woman-Friendly Bank Offer?




1. Personalized attention 

Women expect financial education not just for themselves, but for the whole family, that builds trust and transparency.

Her bank should give her personalized attention and bespoke solutions —applications or functions according to her needs— that she can see working towards gaining financial independence.

The digital solution from this women-friendly bank must be customer-centric and be developed with the user at the core.

She wants an application, an online banking system, a digital solution that personalizes her experience based on her individual spending habits and priorities.

"Women, as the owners of 52% of current accounts and responsible for 80% of purchasing decisions should be an essential part of the future of banking and financial institutions."

2. Life's milestones

Offer women an application that generates community between users and that offers her solutions based on the moments she is living, not her age.

The same solution could be relevant for a woman of 25 or 40, if we are talking about motherhood, for example.

Know what it is that makes her tick, and what she is going through.

3. The long term

Women are loyal and want to establish a friendship-like relationship with their bank, especially seeing as they are managing and influencing her future and that of her family.

It is a vital relationship and one that carries enormous responsibility, so it should be close, transparent and fluid.

She expects a speedy, effective and committed response from the application and from her online advisor in real time.

4. make it easy

Break it down for her, but don’t make her feel unintelligent.

For a woman to consider changing banks, the bank should be able to transmit trust, honesty and competence. The switch from one to the other should be simple; if it can be done in one click, and the bank take care of the rest, all the better.

The focus should be on agility, simplicity and ease.

It should be a long-term process, to prove that it is not just ‘make-up’ but that the bank is genuinely interested in understanding and satisfying her needs and is committed to her.

5. visual

This doesn’t mean pink and garish.  

Give her a dashboard offering an overview of all the most important elements of her finances.

If she needs to know it straight away, put it front and center, and alert her to it.

She wants a no-fuss, one-stop-shop for her finances. Images, illustration and even the odd emoji wouldn’t go amiss.

6. a little peace of mind

Banks who can help the customer avoid surprises and scares, allowing them to plan and save for their goals, is a bank that will provide the peace of mind women (and indeed men) are looking for.  

An intelligent system based on your last transactions, that knows you, talks to you on the same level and provides timely solutions.


Miriam Ballesteros
Miriam Ballesteros

Marketing Director with focus on the FinTech and Personal Finance industries. Named on the "Women in FinTech Powerlist", Miriam Ballesteros is committed to raising awareness about financial technologies that make managing money a lot easier so people can get more out of life.

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