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Pain in the bot? Artificial intelligence in banking

UBIQUIBOTS: AI FOR BANKS (Spanish Version) Bots (and articles about bots - oops!) are ...


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To Attend or not to Attend: The Fintech Events Calendar

 Top 10 unmissable banking & financial innovation conferences in 2018 If you work in ...

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Banking Trends for 2018: The A, B, C (D, E & F) of Fintech for the Coming Year

2018 will bring exciting change in the banking sector. This will be a year in which new ...

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Open Banking & PSD2 Coming into Force: Here’s what’s ahead

With the official Open Banking kick-off date programmed for this weekend, it’s the topic ...

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No-one’s Braver Than Brieva: The Successes of Strands’ CEO

Cuban-born Erik Brieva is no stranger to success. A mathematics graduate and computer ...