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10 Awesome FinTech Podcasts Worth Tuning In To

Lots of us here at Strands are big podcast fans. They’re a fun, educational way to make ...

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The Importance of Embracing (Fin)Tech During a Crisis

Global concerns about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continue to rise, as we now ...

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How Partnerships Are Driving Innovation in FinTech

Innovation processes must be embedded into a company's DNA. 

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When Designing Banking Apps, Users Come First

Putting the customer at the center is essential when designing a new money management ...

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Strands CEO Talks AI and Banking Customer Experience

In a conversation with business bankers’ association SME Banking Club, Strands’ CEO Erik ...

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Delivering Personalized AI Banking Services Using The Oracle Autonomous Cloud

Many of us are coming to realize the importance of data that is being generated and ...

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How can banks step up their SME banking game?

In our last post SME Banking: An Untapped Growth Lever, we highlighted the opportunities ...

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SME Banking: An Untapped Growth Lever

The path from start-up to medium or large-sized company is no longer linear due to ...