2017, A Year of Banking for All, Without Exception

As the Fintech partner for banks our commitment to enhance digital customer experience has been taken to new heights during 2017. More than assisting with the implementation of innovative tools, we offer insight into new, unexplored opportunities, such as that of the SME customer, or banking for the needs of women. We’ve grown both in the number of banks we work with, but also in international coverage, with new offices, team players and projects around the world.

Next year will be a continuation of this new drive for bigger and better, and with new legislation coming into play in 2018, we’ll be here to help our clients make sense of it all.

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Topics: digital banking, FinTech, FinTech Race, strands

Author: Vaida Pakulyte on Dec 29, 2017

Nadie lo tiene más claro que Brieva: los éxitos del CEO de Strands

Erik Brieva, de origen cubano, no es para nada una persona ajena al éxito. Experto en matemáticas y en ciencias de la computación, ha dedicado su vida profesional hasta el momento a proyectos empresariales, software para empresas, y negocios basados en Internet, cofinanciando y administrando varias compañías en España, el Reino Unido y Estados Unidos antes de impulsar STRANDS al escenario FinTech en todo el mundo.

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Topics: Big Data, digital banking, strands

Author: Aoife Crean on Dec 4, 2017

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