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Leveling Up: Why SME Banking Needs Machine Learning

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How Machine Learning Makes Banking More Personal

The rise of financial technology, or FinTech, has been one of the most exciting ...

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Welcome to the Machine Learning Era of Banking

ON THE AI FUTURE OF FINANCIAL SERVICES At Strands we're stacked full of FinTech experts ...

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Machine Learning in Finance: Present and Future AI Applications

Machine learning has had fruitful applications in finance well before the advent of ...

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Pain in the bot? Artificial intelligence in banking

UBIQUIBOTS: AI FOR BANKS (Spanish Version) Bots (and articles about bots - oops!) are ...

Discover the path to a new business model

Banks must move from a product-based paradigm to one that puts the customer in the ...


Transparent technology: How machine learning brings magic to next-generation PFM

Personal Financial Management (PFM) tools have become a very convenient solution for ...