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The Importance of Embracing (Fin)Tech During a Crisis

Global concerns about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic continue to rise, as we now ...

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How Partnerships Are Driving Innovation in FinTech

Innovation processes must be embedded into a company's DNA. 

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When Designing Banking Apps, Users Come First

Putting the customer at the center is essential when designing a new money management ...

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Emotional Banking: Changing the Financial Paradigm

Can data help banks keep up with the ever-changing needs of their customers? We sat with ...

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3 Trends Set to Shape the Banking & FinTech Space in 2020

When it comes to managing their money, customers are demanding more transparency, ...

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Open Banking Explained

A quick glance at the morning headlines is enough to notice that Open Banking is at the ...

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Machine Learning & AI: A Platform for Growth

Artificial Intelligence drives incredible amounts of economic value. Almost all of the ...

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Artificial intelligence: The New Electricity?

When electricity was invented more than a hundred years ago, it revolutionized society; ...