"Au contraire, BBVA: Banks will never become software companies"

kantox interviews erik brieva

It is becoming an increasingly difficult task – verging on mission impossible – to find original viewpoints inside a Fintech landscape that is getting more and more crowded. Fortunately, Kantox had the opportunity to interview Strands CEO Erik Brieva, a leading voice at one of the firms with the most potential in this ecosystem.

Of particular interest are his vision on the future of Fintech-bank partnerships and his opinions on how banks find themselves stuck in a "sandwich", threatened by both these new actors, on the one hand, and tech giants such as Google and Amazon on the other.

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Topics: Digital Transformation, digital money management, Financial services, FinTech Race

Author: Nicole Harper, Content Manager on Sep 8, 2016

Signed, sealed, delivered: 7 keys to FinTech project management success

Following NextBank Barcelona, Devie Monhan wrote a great piece about how banks are investing in FinTech, part of which jumped out at me:

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Topics: FinTech, Digital Transformation, Financial services, project management

Author: Jordi Teixidó, Chief Operating Officer on Mar 4, 2016

FinTech and banks: together for better financial services in Spain

WHat's next for the FinTech sector in Spain?

There is little doubt that the FinTech sector will be the catalyst that enhances efficiency and user experience across all banking services. So far though, reality hasn’t exactly lived up to the hype. This is particularly true in Spain, where leading financial institutions (by market volume) have been especially reluctant to embrace this natural technological evolution, thinking they’ve been “doing FinTech" for years. If they are market leaders, it must be because they’ve been on the right track all along… right?

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Topics: FinTech, Retail banking, Financial services, fintech sector spain, financial services spain, banks in spain

Author: Albert Morales, Product Manager on Mar 2, 2016

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