How Digital Money Management Keeps Banks Relevant

At the end of the day, the bloodiest battleground in banking is "real-time analytics for relevance in the financial relationship, and the partnerships that go into that relationship that allow that to happen." This observation by Chris Skinner, founder of The Financial Services Club, is absolutely on point.

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Topics: digital money management, PFM, Personal Financial Management (PFM), digital banking, customer experience, customer retention

Author: Xavier Marcillac, VP Sales APAC on Jun 24, 2016

How personalization powers the customer journey

David Sosna, CEO and co-founder of Personetics, talks to Shaun Weston of BankNXT about the power of personalization in banking, and how it can be used to enhance the customer journey.

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Topics: Personal Financial Management (PFM), customer retention, personalized banking, customer experience, alternative finance

Author: Nicole Harper, Content Manager on May 4, 2016

Discover the path to a new business model

Banks must move from a product-based paradigm to one that puts the customer in the driver’s seat.

Banks today are grappling with an overly simplistic understanding of their customers combined with a vastly complex product set with only very subtle differences, frequently unappreciated by customers. All of this comes at a significant cost in terms of operations, technology, and service.

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Topics: Machine Learning, Retail banking, customer experience, user experience, UX, recommendation, customer insights, strands discovery

Author: Luis Rodriguez, VP Product Strategy on Feb 9, 2016

Porqué los usuarios te ignoran: la importancia de la UX

La experiencia de usuario (UX) está asociada a las emociones, los sentimientos, a la construcción, transmisión de la marca y la confiabilidad del producto. Como vemos, UX puede resultar un término bastante amplio. En este sentido, la experiencia de usuario se vuelve imprescindible como estrategia de abordaje y análisis de la eficacia de nuestros productos y nos permite parametrizar las repercusiones sobre el público al cual nos dirigimos.

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Topics: personalized banking, PFM, customer experience, user experience, UX, UI, experiencia de usuario

Author: Gastón Lasarte, Frontend Developer on Jan 15, 2016

Why Digital Money Management is Set to Emerge in Asia

The other day, a reputable digital banker asked me, “How many lives does PFM have?” I smiled.

Whereas Digital Money Management (also known as PFM, Personal Financial Management) in Europe is arguably on its second (or third) life, Asian banks have the opportunity to adopt next-generation PFM for the very first time, while simultaneously avoiding the errors of European banks.

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Topics: Personal Financial Management (PFM), digital money management, customer experience, APAC, digital banking asia

Author: Xavier Marcillac, VP Sales APAC on Dec 14, 2015

The experience customers expect from their bank

Dear Banks,

Welcome to The Age of the Customer. For FIs, this means shifting the banking relationship beyond transactional services to the very heart of your customers’ daily living experience. But what does that actually mean in practical terms, and how can banks achieve it?

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Topics: Personal Financial Management (PFM), Digital Transformation, digital money management, personalized banking, customer experience

Author: Erik Brieva, CEO on Oct 6, 2015

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