Blockchain + Bitcoin = The Financial System of the Future?


What a mess our global financial system is: $230 trillion of global debt. Imploding currencies all over the world, whether it’s the Brazilian Real, Russian Rouble, Venezuelan Bolivar etc. Money printing and devaluing of currencies by central banks on a scale unimaginable ten years ago... the list goes on. 

While a tiny minority has become obscenely wealthy, billions of people are struggling to survive, all due to a system that was poorly designed and has not evolved to meet modern needs. What’s more, most of those people don’t even have access to some of the financial services that we often take for granted, such as online banking, credit, and ATMs. 

So what would a financial system look like that truly functions for the underbanked or unbanked in any country?

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Topics: Bitcoin, blockchain, blockchain technology

Author: Nicole Harper, Content Manager on Aug 18, 2016

FinTech y bancos, alianza clave para la mejora de los servicios financieros


El sector FinTech está siendo un catalizador para mejorar la eficiencia y la experiencia de usuario en todos los servicios bancarios. Si bien es cierto que ha habido mucho ruido al respecto, los resultados no son proporcionalmente visibles. En concreto, los bancos en España líderes por volumen de mercado han sido especialmente reticentes a esta evolución tecnológica natural, pensando que ya estaban haciendo FinTech desde hace años y que si eran los líderes era porque ya estaban en el buen camino.

El problema ha sido que no han entendido que la palabra FinTech no significa única y exclusivamente tecnología, sino ayudarse de ella para ofrecer una mejor experiencia de servicios financieros a los usuarios finales gracias a mejoras en la eficiencia interna.

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Topics: FinTech, Bitcoin, blockchain, fintech sector spain, Bancos de España, financial services spain

Author: Albert Morales, Product Manager on Feb 8, 2016

Banking with Bitcoin

With the news of the first Bitcoin ATMs being installed in Athens and the feverish buzz around Citicoinyou're probably wondering: hey, when do we actually get to start banking with Bitcoin?

A few of our developers* were asking the same question lately and, bright inquiring minds that they are, began dreaming up all kinds of possibilites and ideas to mainstream virtual currencies like Bitcoin into retail banking and integrate it into personal finance manager tools like  Strands PFM
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Topics: Personal Financial Management (PFM), FinTech, Digital Transformation, API, Virtual currency, Bitcoin, Digital currency, Retail banking

Author: Albert Morales, Product Manager on Jul 10, 2015

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