Following FinTech: 7 ways to stay updated

by Albert Morales on May 25, 2015

The world of FinTech is exploding, and sometimes it's easy to get lost in the plethora of new terms, companies, events and technologies that come part and parcel with the rapid emergence of this burgeoning sector.

Many colleagues and even friends have come to me asking "What's this whole FinTech thing about anyway? What are the best ways to get into it?" Even some tech savvy engineers and entrepreneurs have never heard the term before, or aren't exactly sure what it means!

Basically, FinTech (a mashup of "financial technology") is any business that uses software to provide financial services. According to Wikipedia, "FinTech companies are generally startups founded with the purpose of disrupting incumbent financial systems and corporations that rely less on software."

Now that we've got the definition pinned down, here is my personal list* of go-to resources I use to stay up to date in one of the fastest-growing industry currently existing:

1. Finovate

One of the first ever FinTech organizations and premier event in the industry. They've created an "alumni" organization of FinTech companies, probably the sector's most comprehensive.

After debuting to stellar reviews in New York in 2007, San Francisco was added to the series in spring 2008. FinovateEurope was unveiled in London in early 2011, the first Asian event was held in Singapore in November of 2012. Almost all FinTech companies have presented at Finovate at least once in their lifetimes.

See what it's like to demo at Finovate here.

2. Finextra

Easily one of the most-read and followed online publications dedicated to FinTech.

3. LinkedIn

You can find lots of FinTech groups by country or by city, such as London or New York. I always find it interesting to check and see what they're talking about in groups like Bank Innovation or FinTech Circle.

4. Blogs

There are a whole lot of blogs out there dedicated solely to FinTech. Here are the ones I tend to check regularly: 

5. Influencers (successful FinTech entrepreneurs)

Almost all founders of top FinTech companies are big-time contributors to their own blogs or are interviewed by other blogs. I recommend following the top 10 influencers for each business area in FinTech, e.g. payments, p2p lending, compliance, investment, etc. My top 10 influencers are included in this list provided by CityAM.

6. Twitter

Speaking of Twitter, besides following top influencers it's important to search hashtags of important FinTech conferences. It's a good strategy enabling you to get a general idea of what's going on without having to actually attend. Check out #Finovate, #Fintech, #Payments, #Bitcoin, #Blockchain, #finserv, #P2P ...

7. Quora

The truly curious will ask things about FinTech on this gem of a site, and the truly knowledgable will give relevant & useful answers. Look for P2P payments for example, or whatever aspect of FinTech you're interested in.


There you have it - did I miss anything? Let me know @albertm88


*Disclaimer: Author's view only. The individuals, organizations and publications mentioned above do not represent official endorsements from Strands. 

Albert Morales
Albert Morales

Albert is the VP of Product Management at Strands. He oversees partnerships with major systems integrators, management consulting firms, technology providers and academic institutions.

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