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      Back by popular demand, we are kicking off 2018 with a recap of the past year with our Fintech Pulse Magazine. 7 of our favorite articles, written by Stranders, about trends in Fintech from 2017, focusing particularly on underserved segments of society and legislation set to turn the banking sector on its head in the coming year.


       Here are the posts that made the cut this year:




      iStock-669676660-1.pngInvisible PFM will Transform Banking as you Know it

      We have been asking the question “if it’s so good, why can’t we see it?” and here’s the answer. Invisible is intelligent and intelligent banking is the future. Find out why banking that works behind the scenes is better than any you’ve experienced yet. Over Here  





      iStock-637874086.pngDear Banker, We Need to Talk About UX

      Design has changed (and even transformed) a lot of industries: music, technology, electronics, fashion. And not surprisingly, the financial industry is not immune to their impact. Banks are shifting their focus to one where the experience is key, and customer-centricity is vital to success.  Over Here → 




      etienne-martin-322669 (2).png

      Open Banking: Open for Business or Closed to Progress?

      If we had to pick one headline for banking in 2018, Open Banking would probably be it. All the preparation in the past year has been leading up to this moment, when customer data becomes more readily accessible to banks, non-banks and third parties. Customers now decide with whom they share their data, but rather than posing a problem, we’re focusing on the myriad of opportunities that it offers banks going forward. Over Here → 



      iStock-654220656 (1).png


      Why the Innovation Officer Will Drive Bank Success in 2017 and Beyond

      CIO might not be the title of the future, but most definitely the role of innovation was key for 2017 and will be more so in 2018. Marc Torrens’ predictions were pretty spot on... Over Here → 





      Envestnet | Yodlee Interview: Jason O’Shaughnessy on the Role of Account Aggregation

      We spoke to Jason O’Shaughnessy at Envestnet | Yodlee about the current state of account aggregation, the challenges in developing the best financial services applications and why aggregation opens the door to a more user-centric banking experience, based on understanding what customers really want. Over Here →  




      It’s Not About Millennials

      Stefi breaks down what banking means to the millennial and how they are singlehandedly shaping the future. They are the first digitally-native generation, the first to focus almost entirely on experience and not on belongings, and have a relationship with money that is different to anything that went before them. Over Here →  





      Women & Financial Inclusion: The STEM of the Issue

      We’ve talked a lot about the role of the woman, and everyone knows the future is female, but in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), women are few and far between.  The role of the women entrepreneur is good for the economy – find out why! Over Here →  



      So here it is. Download our Fintech Pulse magazine and make 2018 an infinitely more-informed year!  If you like our style, keep on top of the trends in Fintech with our regular content.


      Erik Brieva
      Erik Brieva

      Erik Brieva is the CEO at Strands, boosting its international expansion and strengthening its position as a global FinTech leader, by empowering 700 banks worldwide with Artificial Intelligence.

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