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      Posted by Aoife Crean on Jun 18, 2019 in Thought Leadership

      Strands Product Suite is in constant development.

      We never stop making improvements on our products, all of which are highly customizable and tailored to each of our customers, depending on their needs, and that seamlessly integrate with the look and feel of their bank’s existing platforms.

      We create our products so they slip into the background, so you might have been wondering exactly where you’ve seen our work before.

      We’ve worked with banks from all corners of the globe, giving them an edge over the competition.

      Take a closer look at some of our implementations on our website to see who we’ve been working with!


      "My Money Manager (powered by Strands) provides our customers with deep financial insights, an excellent user experience and an ability to manage their money on the move through our online channels"

      John Brennan, Head of Online Channel Development, Allied Irish Bank

      Whatever the specific needs of the client, and wherever they are in the world, we are able to fit our solutions to suit them.  

      With offices in Miami, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Kuala Lumpur, we've been able to work with banks on every continent, working in-house when the project required it, bringing our expertise to the individual projects in each location.


      Some statistics for reference:

      • Strands has carried out more than 700 implementations around the world.
      • Strands solutions are being used in 36 countries by more than 100m banking customers.
      • ISO 27001 certification

      Why banks choose strands

      Banks can implement as many of our products as are needed thanks to a modular approach which can be adopted in stages, giving the desired result whilst adapting to the bank’s needs as they change.


      "Our development depended on the kind of expertise offered by an international FinTech like Strands. Our clients benefit not only from easier, more-effective money management, but also long-term financial education to improve their futures".

      Pablo Gutiérrez Oyhanarte, Manager of Move, Banco Galicia.


      Banks need to stay ahead of the rest, more now than ever before.

      However, finding their competitive edge whilst working against lengthy internal processes and a lack of actionable customer knowledge is an uphill battle.  

      This is where Strands comes in.

      By working with us, banks can avail of all our experience, insight, customer data and intelligence, speeding up time to market whilst bypassing the red tape - with Strands, the process from kick-off to implementation can take as little as 4 months.

      Banks also benefit from a company-wide update and a privileged vision of what’s to come for the future of banking.

       Strands also has ISO27001 certification across all international offices, a must-have when treating highly-sensitive data.

      This certification endorses our data management processes and the importance we give to security.

      Strands offers:

      • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence expertise
      • High-performance engine designed for top-tier banks.
 Real-Time Integration (RTI)
      • Experience working with banks from all over the world since 2004
      • A white-label, omni-channel solution to fit seamlessly with existing bank platforms
      • A more consolidated relationship with customers
      • Reduced customer churn
      • Secure treatment of customer data, without the risk

      Our client base continues to grow, and with partnerships like the most recent one with Mastercard, we are able to improve our offering to all segments around the world.

      If you are interested in finding out how Strands can help your bank and would like to get a Free Demo of our SME Cash Flow Manager solution, please fill out this form and one of our Sales Reps will get back to you quickly.

      Aoife Crean
      Aoife Crean

      Aoife Crean writes in her native English, Spanish and Catalan producing whitepapers, blog posts, news items and interviews relating to FinTech and trends in banking.

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