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Thought Leadership

Artificial intelligence: The New Electricity?

When electricity was invented more than a hundred years ago, it revolutionized society; ...

Thought Leadership

Invisible PFM Will Transform Banking As You Know It

Personal Financial Management (PFM) has evolved greatly since its birth in the early ...


Company Culture

Sitting With The CEO: 5 Years Till Now

Erik Brieva's professional life so far has been dedicated to entrepreneurial ventures, ...

Tech Corner

Unbalanced Datasets & What To Do About Them

Unbalanced datasets are prevalent in a multitude of fields and sectors, and of course, ...

Thought Leadership

What we’ll be reading in 2019: Stranders' top 8 Books For the New Year

You’ll know by now that we’re all about staying on top of recent trends in the banking ...

Tech Corner

Maven Archetype: Optimizing Methodologies

One of the main challenges our Professional Services team faces is to adapt Strands ...