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Company Culture

Erik Brieva: "Fostering a sense of belonging is crucial to our success at Strands"

There is no doubt that embracing digital transformation is a must to grow and prosper in ...

Company Culture

Sitting With The CEO: 5 Years Till Now

Erik Brieva's professional life so far has been dedicated to entrepreneurial ventures, ...


Tech Corner

Focus on This

Focus is, in short, “the control mechanism in the screen that receives input from the ...

Thought Leadership

Machine Learning & AI: A Platform for Growth

Artificial Intelligence drives incredible amounts of economic value. Almost all of the ...


The SME Ecosystem: BUY, OPERATE & SELL

Every business large or small has stumbling blocks when starting out, but whatever the ...

Weekend Read

Meet Us? The events we'll be attending in 2019

The year of FinTech events starts here, and on February 27th, our CEO Erik Brieva is ...