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Thought Leadership

Open Banking, Embracing Change (Vol. II): New Roles For Banks

In the second installment of the Open Banking, Embracing Change series, Strander Mario ...

Thought Leadership

Strands Launches SaaS Personalised AI Banking Platform Running on Oracle Autonomous Cloud

In recent years, financial institutions have taken big steps in the adoption of ...

Thought Leadership

Open Banking APIs: What, Why, When, Who, Where

Open Banking APIs, and what they can do for the banking and financial industry, have ...

Thought Leadership

3 Trends Set to Shape the Banking & FinTech Space in 2020

When it comes to managing their money, customers are demanding more transparency, ...

Thought Leadership

Open Banking Explained

A quick glance at the morning headlines is enough to notice that Open Banking is at the ...

Financial UX Series

Financial UX Series: Discovering Insights Into the Problem

Editor’s note: This post belongs to “Financial UX Series: Targeting World-Class ...

Company Culture

Life At Strands: An Intern's Perspective

Aside from the intrinsic motivation for a resume boost and the feeling of validation that ...