New Exciting Features with FM 9.12.0 Available Now to Our Customers

      Posted by Strands on Jul 7, 2022 in New Engager

      Strands is very happy to announce that FM 9.12.0 is available for all our customers! It's the result of an incredible effort and work from our Engineering and Quality Assurance (QA) teams.

      New features have been added to the Engager solution in this new release, including enhancements to the Back Office and new capabilities for the insight creation process.
      In the Back Office we created new sections which have also been placed in a different order and renamed to improve the UX experience. Also, a new option is now available in the General Settings tab for banks to test insights from scratch and can be set for a period of time before they go live. Banks now have the option to define the maximum number of notifications they wish to send over a period of time.

      Additionally, the bank user has the possibility to activate the text matching feature from the ‘When’ tab. If activated, the system will send only a unique insight notification when insight is triggered 2 or more times in the same execution with the exact message.

      Other functionalities and changes applied to our Insight-Driven User Engagement solution include an open–source software that has been embedded into the Back Office to generate a wide range of dashboards and much more!

      And last but not least, the Business Financial Management (BFM) product can now connect to the accounting platform Sage, to import invoices and bills via our Open Hub and BFM aggregator solutions. With this last adaptation, users are now able to use QuickBooks, Xero, and Sage for their invoicing processes.


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