Posted by Victoria Yasinetskaya on Dec 15, 2016 in PFM


    Personal financial management (PFM) solutions are taking an increasingly central role in the design of next-generation digital banking experiences. Hundreds of banks around the globe are adopting PFM as part of their digital banking transformation strategy. What was once a “nice-to-have” tool, PFM has become the essence of digital banking, enabling FIs to deliver personalized customer experiences and capitalize on benefits that range from new revenue streams to better branding.

    2016 saw huge investment in Fintech, with no signs of it slowing down in 2017. According to Forrester Research, digital money management will be the heart of digital banking, evolving into personal financial coaching that offers customers the guidance, help and advice that they seek. One of the most exciting (and challenging) things about DMM is that it's constantly evolving.

    While no one can see the future, we asked Fintech experts to share their predictions! Here´s a preview of what the best in Fintech have to say about the coming year in Personal Finance Management



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    Victoria Yasinetskaya
    Victoria Yasinetskaya

    Marketing expert with 11+ years of experience executing marketing and strategy projects, mainly in financial services and FinTech. Co-author of the Russian edition of the international bestseller "Reinventing Financial Services".

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