No-one’s Braver Than Brieva: The Successes of Strands’ CEO

by Aoife Crean on Nov 23, 2017

Cuban-born Erik Brieva is no stranger to success. A mathematics graduate and computer sciences expert, his professional life thus far has been dedicated to entrepreneurial ventures, enterprise software and internet-based business, having co-founded and managed several companies in Spain, the United Kingdom and United States before propelling STRANDS to a world FinTech stage.

STRANDS is the latest in a long list of business accomplishments to date, but the first at the helm of a company not of his own creation. Prior to taking over at STRANDS, Brieva co-founded and sold 3 companies: Polymita Technologies, a Business Process Management software vendor acquired by RedHat, for whom he went on to work as marketing director for 2 years; Enzyme Advising Group dedicated to, business processes and consulting bought out by Nexe Group, and Intelligent Software Components, S.A. (iSOCO) which was acquired by B2B Factory and Expert System.

Despite joining STRANDS some 10 years after its creation, he has been the driving force behind the company’s recent successes and excellent reputation. Since taking the reins in 2014, he has expanded STRANDS’ global footprint from two small regional offices located in Barcelona and San Francisco, to 5 strategically located headquarters in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City and Miami, and positioning the company as a Fintech world leader - ranked as such by the likes of Forrester and IDC - offering personal and business financial management to banking institutions. Today,STRANDS is a global powerhouse, having implemented PFM & BFM solutions in some 600 banks worldwide and with revenues growing 20% year on year and in excess of US$18m in cash-flow. So what’s next for the man with the Midas touch?

When asked what motivates him to get up every morning, his satisfaction was unmistakable:

“I am immensely proud of STRANDS and its incredible family of talented individuals, of being able to generate such huge growth in a such a short time, and offer transformative value to our clients. For me, it is the first time I have been brought in to manage an existing company, which now stands at 200 people around the world.

“My goal on becoming CEO of STRANDS was to turn-around the company and to foster innovation by growing our product portfolio to incorporate solutions that meet the needs of a rapidly-changing market.  For some time now, we have been doing great work to promote digital transformation within the banking experience of the future and which, more importantly, will improve people’s lives in general.  To say that about the job you do is an incredible honor”.

The next challenge on the cards for Mr. Brieva is to prepare STRANDS for an IPO on the stock market, as a result of the dedication to continuous innovation, and as pioneers of a new paradigm in banking known as ‘relationship’ banking, in which banks and customers (both individual and business users) understand each other in new ways, thanks to improved Machine Learning technology.

The Digital Revolution within the banking sector is well underway, but there is still a long road ahead.  Banks and financial institutions are more aware than ever of the need to transform themselves to fit their new reality.  Erik Brieva has had the foresight to be a major player in this overhaul, and an essential cog in the machinery that will promote change for the better in the banking sector. “At STRANDS we are in a powerful position to partner with banks in their expansion process and prepare for a new, exciting, digital future”.

What’s certain is that where Brieva goes, great things ensue.  Watch this space.
Aoife Crean
Aoife Crean

Aoife Crean writes in her native English, Spanish and Catalan producing whitepapers, blog posts, news items and interviews relating to FinTech and trends in banking.

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