10 Awesome FinTech Podcasts Worth Tuning In To

      Posted by Marc Navarro on Mar 24, 2020 in Thought Leadership

      Lots of us here at Strands are big podcast fans. They’re a fun, educational way to make long commutes, exercise, or household chores more enjoyable.

      Podcasts have been around for two decades now, but it’s only in the last few years that they really became big business. It seems nowadays every company, journalist and influencer has a podcast, which can make it tough to separate the wheat from the chaff and find the ones that are well worth the airtime. In the FinTech space alone, there's a lot on offer, so we're breaking it down for you.

      We’ve curated a list of refreshing, thought-provoking FinTech podcasts recommendations. So, without further ado, here are the 10 FinTech podcasts than can help you get the most out of your trek to the office and keep up to date about FinTech trends en route.


      1. Breaking Banks 

      So Brett King is a force to be reckoned with in the FinTech arena and has a couple of books to show for it.  Based in the US, he and his team host this insightful FinTech podcast in which they take turns to dissect the most important financial topics week after week with important guests from the sector.

      2. FinTech Insider (11:FS)

      One of the best things about this online radio show style podcast broadcast from London's financial district, is the natural flow of conversation.  The ad-lib feel not only shows how expert David Brear, Jason Bates, Simon Taylor and their cronies are, but it makes for a much nicer listening experience.  Fun, witty and hugely informative, this is the best way to understand trends in FinTech from the people who know the most about it.

      3. WFT Wharton FinTech

      If it's got the Ivy League seal of approval, you can guarantee it's worth listening to.  This student-run podcast channel has been going for a while, interviewing the movers, shakers, and innovators in the FinTech and banking industries.

      4. American Banker

      We love the titles of their podcasts, for example: "Why does it take a check as long to clear today as it did in 1982?" (real-time payments), or "We're probably in a crisis already: Retirement in America". These guys are saying it like it is and cutting no corners, and we personally really like this approach.  American Banker has been around and based in one of the world's financial capitals, New York since 1836, so they know more than a thing or two about the US banking sector.

      5. For FinTech's Sake 

      This podcast has a five-star rating on Apple's Podcast channel despite being fairly new (it was started in March 2019). But, the quality speaks for itself! Host Zach Anderson Pettet asks all the right questions to all the right people. Have a listen to his last episode with Jo Ann Barefoot, CEO at Barefoot Innovation, Co-Founder at Hummingbird and with a CV in financial disruption as long as your arm.  

      6. Tearsheet podcast

      Presenter Zack Miller is earning his stripes by discussing the trends in the financial industry, and how technology in finance is impacting business. From how innovative financial services firms approach the cloud to the future of passwords and financial products according to Visa this is interesting stuff. 

      7. Banking Transformed (The Financial Brand)

      Hosted by banking and FinTech influencer, Jim Marous, this podcast highlights the major leadership and cultural challenges facing the banking industry today. Featuring interviews with some of the best minds in business worldwide, this podcast explores the impact of digital disruption on the industry’s future.

      8. What The FinTech? (FinTech Futures)

      This is a brand new podcast from the team at FinTech Futures. The podcast is hosted by Alex Hamilton and Sharon Kimathi, with a different guest each episode. Guests share useful insights and strong opinions from their area of expertise, ruthlessly banishing buzzwords to fintech jailhouse. 

      9.  A16z Podcast 

      The episode entitled "FinTech for startups and incumbents" might be a one off in a series of podcasts on other topics but it's a good one, so worth adding to your list. Hear about 3 ways startups are coming for established FinTech companies. It's one of the financial institutions’ biggest concerns in this new era of transparent data and challenger banks, so hear the experts talk about what it is they're offering banking customers to make them leave their incumbent bank and make the leap to newer, more millennial-focused options. It might give you the insight you need to fight back!

      10.  BBVA Blink (in Spanish)

      BBVA is one of the most forward-thinking banks there is, leading the digital transformation in the banking sector. Not only that, but this podcast has also won the Ramón del Corral Dircom Award for outstanding communication. This podcast addresses topics surrounding personal finance, mixed with thought leadership topics of current relevance for good measure. If you're a Spanish speaker, this is a great one for your download list!


      Well, there you have it, these are 10 truly awesome FinTech podcasts to enjoy at any hour of the day. Plug in your headphones and ... enjoy!

      Or if you're in a reading mood, don’t forget to check out our library of FinTech ebooks and white papers.


      Additional reporting by Aoife Crean


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