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Yogesh Desai is business manager with Strands based out of Asia region, with 18 years of experience in technology and banking and financial services he has assisted banks in providing great insights in their business and identifying opportunities for banks to stay ahead of the competition and be relevant in the current disruptive environment.


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When is Decision-Making No Longer a Choice for Banks?

Digital disruption is real, and banks are slowly but surely re-inventing themselves. However, for banks, the challenge comes from the speed at which change is occurring in the banking sector. Digital transactions are on the rise, not only in terms of numbers but also value, and there is a great opportunity for banks to monetize on transactional data to derive valuable insights about their customers and ultimately cross-sell and upsell. It also provides banks with the opportunity to link their retail banking customers with their SME banking customers to create a win-win situation for all  segments, and add new revenue streams for the bank in the process.

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Topics: digital banking, Digital Transformation

Author: Yogesh Desai on Oct 5, 2017

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