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Marketing Director with 11+ years of experience executing marketing and strategy projects, mainly in financial services and FinTech. Co-author of the Russian edition of international bestseller "Reinventing Financial Services". The book was published by The Financial Times and translated into more than 10 languages.

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To Attend or not to Attend: The Fintech Events Calendar


Top 10 unmissable banking & financial innovation conferences in 2018

If you work in banking or the FinTech industry, you are undoubtedly overwhelmed by the number of financial services conference invitations you receive each day in your inbox, on LinkedIn, and indeed over the phone. I know how it feels, especially at the beginning of the year when I sit down with my team to decide which events we should choose to attend and sponsor this year. Which ones are not to be missed? How should we allocate our budget and time efficiently?

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Topics: fintech events, digital banking events, digital banking conferences, financial services innovation conferences, digital banking conference, financial innovation conference

Author: Victoria Yasinetskaya, Marketing Director on Feb 14, 2018

Women & Financial Inclusion: The STEM of the issue

Fact: Women entrepreneurs are good for the economy. 

A study by MSCI, stated that companies with female presence at top management level generated a 36.4% average increase on equity over those that have a predominantly male board of directors. An even playing field for women and men is no laughing matter: it equates to an extra US$28 trillion per year, or a 26% rise in global GDP by 2025, according to a report by McKinsey Global Institute in 2015.

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Topics: Financial services for women, fintech women, FemTech, women and banking, women in tech

Author: Victoria Yasinetskaya, Marketing Director on May 12, 2017

6 expert predictions for Personal Finance Management in 2017

Personal financial management (PFM) solutions are taking an increasingly central role in the design of next-generation digital banking experiences. Hundreds of banks around the globe are adopting PFM as part of their digital banking transformation strategy. What was once a “nice-to-have” tool, PFM has become the essence of digital banking, enabling FIs to deliver personalized customer experiences and capitalize on benefits that range from new revenue streams to better branding.

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Topics: PFM, Personal Financial Management (PFM)

Author: Victoria Yasinetskaya, Marketing Director on Dec 15, 2016

Your Bank Must Answer These 5 Questions To Rule The SME Banking World

SMEs are no longer an afterthought for banks. They now represent a lucrative money-spinner, and we’re not talking about loans. We’re talking about digital tools that SMEs not only want, but are crying out and willing to pay for.

Banks are in an enviable position, as they have an unrivalled platform to offer SMEs what they want and to tap into a new revenue stream. But first, they must ask themselves these five vital questions.

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Topics: BFM, Financial Management for Small Business (BFM), business finance

Author: Victoria Yasinetskaya, Marketing Director on Nov 23, 2016

La enorme contradicción en FinTech: el caso de FemTech


Hace unas semanas me invitaron a participar en Women Techmakers Barcelona, un evento que nace de la iniciativa de Google para dar visibilidad, crear comunidad y proporcionar más recursos a las mujeres de todo el mundo que se dedican a la tecnología.

Mientras preparaba mi discurso, y después de escuchar a otras mujeres que están impulsando esta iniciativa, me he vuelto mucho más consciente de la necesidad de traer más talento femenino al mundo de la tecnología, y sobre todo para animar a las mujeres a unirse a la FinTech Race.

El motivo principal es la gran contradicción que existe en FinTech:

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Topics: Financial services for women, FinTech Race, FemTech, financial inclusion

Author: Victoria Yasinetskaya, Marketing Director on Mar 22, 2016

FinTech's biggest contradiction: the case for FemTech

My #FemTech wake-up call

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at an event called Women Techmakers, an event held in Barcelona as part of a Google initiative to provide visibility, community, and resources for women in tech.

While preparing my speech and also after listening to other women that are driving this initiative, I have become much more aware of the necessity to bring more female talent to the tech world, and especially to encourage women to join the FinTech race.

The main reason is because of the giant contradiction I see in FinTech:

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Topics: Financial services for women, FinTech Race, FemTech, financial inclusion

Author: Victoria Yasinetskaya, Marketing Director on Mar 18, 2016

What if banking was as personalized as streaming music?

Banks have the chance to revolutionize finance just as Spotify has with music - but how can they use their Big Data advantage?

Are you in love with “Discover Weekly” too? Fellow Spotify users know what I’m talking about: the newest feature is a two-hour playlist, updated automatically every Monday, and based on both my personal taste as well as the listening habits of other users with similar preferences. Spotify claims that Discover Weekly will automatically adapt as my musical tastes evolve, and the more I use their service, the more relevant my algorithm-based curation will become.

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Topics: Disrupting Banking, Digital Transformation, Big Data, Retail banking, personalized banking

Author: Victoria Yasinetskaya, Marketing Director on Sep 8, 2015

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