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Thought Leadership

How Partnerships Are Driving Innovation in FinTech

Innovation processes must be embedded into a company's DNA. 

Thought Leadership

The Deserving Under-Served: Shifting the Focus for Banks

The world of banking has remained unchanged for decades; when all about them were ...

Thought Leadership

6 Ways FinTech Is Changing the Banking Game for Women

FinTech has been lauded as a game-changer in nearly every sense of the word, but can it ...

Thought Leadership

6 Things Banks Should Be Offering To Keep Up With Women

Women decide on some 80% of all purchases across the board and are the main owners of 52% ...

Company Culture

Erik Brieva: "Fostering a sense of belonging is crucial to our success at Strands"

There is no doubt that embracing digital transformation is a must to grow and prosper in ...

Company Culture

Sitting With The CEO: 5 Years Till Now

Erik Brieva's professional life so far has been dedicated to entrepreneurial ventures, ...

Company Culture

Zoe Plasencia: On Being a Project Manager at Strands

The role of Project Manager requires someone who can wear a lot of different hats ...

Behavioral Economics: The Bank's Secret Weapon

In this digital era, with easy, fast and limitless options, decision-making has become ...