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Strands' Content Manager and the voice behind the Strands' brand. Passionate about language and their impact, Aoife Crean writes in her native English, Spanish and Catalan producing whitepapers, blog posts, news items and interviews relating to Fintech and trends in banking.

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The SME Ecosystem: BUY, OPERATE & SELL

Every business large or small has stumbling blocks when starting out, but whatever the sector, whatever the industry, there are three main pillars that apply to both SMEs and larger corporations: they all buy, operate and sell. All businesses need money to get off the ground, purchasing the necessary tools or equipment to launch a successful venture, and they all spend time developing the service or product they specialize in before selling it to their market.

It’s important for banks to understand each of these 3 vital stages, and offer the tools that support SMEs at each juncture.

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Topics: BFM, SME banking

Author: Aoife Crean on Feb 15, 2019

Meet Us? The events we'll be attending in 2019

The year of FinTech events starts here, and on February 27th, our CEO Erik Brieva is kicking off in style with a Finance Technology panel appearance at the 4YFN event that Barcelona is famous for. Our Sales team will be taking the Americas by storm, visiting Colombia, Mexico and the US and we'll be in and around Europe too, at the biggest events on the digital banking annual calendar.  

Check out where we'll be in the coming months - we hope to see you there! 

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Topics: fintech events, SME banking, Personal Financial Management (PFM)

Author: Aoife Crean on Feb 8, 2019

What we’ll be reading in 2019: Stranders' top 8 Books For the New Year

You’ll know by now that we’re all about staying on top of recent trends in the banking industry at Strands, but when I asked the team what they had on their reading lists for the coming year, they came back with a whole host of suggestions relating to what we do best; FinTech, banking solutions, software development and Artificial Intelligence. Here’s our list of pageturners for 2019.

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Topics: FinTech, fintech books, 2019, fintech reading, Thought Leadership

Author: Aoife Crean on Jan 18, 2019

Know Me, Help Me, Monetize ME

Banking is undergoing enormous change, and whilst the bricks and mortar are the same — the banking sector is a money-making business after all — nothing about the design, or the look and feel have any resemblance to the banks that have been and gone.

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Topics: ENGAGER, customer insights, invisible PFM, Personal Financial Management (PFM), Financial Management for Small Business (BFM), relationship banking

Author: Aoife Crean on Nov 26, 2018

Banks and the SME: A Case Of One Size Fits All?

Approximately 97% of SMEs are micro enterprises, meaning they have fewer than 10 employees, or are sole proprietors, and/or have an overall revenue of below €2m. Whilst they fall under the SME umbrella, their needs are anything but similar and banks are best advised to provide the service their unique set of circumstances require.

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Topics: relationship banking, machine learning for finance, SME banking, Artificial Intelligence, small business

Author: Aoife Crean on Nov 16, 2018

The A, B, C of Personalized Banking

What is it about that email addressing us personally, or the forgivably misspelled name on the side of a cup at a coffee house that makes all the difference to us?  It seems that we, the average consumer, are on a constant search for the personal touch, the antidote for the anonymous and a fulfilling way of reconnecting with others.

Easier perhaps for the coffee house than an international corporation?

How can we expect a global bank of colossal proportions – the usual suspects such as BBVA, Santander, Deutsche Bank or Citi - to offer personalized banking services and have a one-to-one conversation at customer level?  Given that the branch is increasingly a thing of the past, surely it’s becoming more difficult, as opposed to easier, to give the end-user what they want?

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Topics: PFM, relationship banking, Artificial Intelligence, conversational banking

Author: Aoife Crean on Oct 31, 2018

Davivienda & STRANDS marcan tendencias de Banca Digital en Colombia: Entrevista con Margarita Henao

Davivienda y Strands unen fuerzas para traer su exitosa solución de PFM al mercado colombiano y latinoamericano, como parte fundamental de su compromiso con la innovación y apuesta por la banca digital. Entrevistamos a Margarita Henao, VP de productos de banca personal en Davivienda, sobre el motivo de este cambio y lo que significa para el futuro de la banca en la región.

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Topics: digital banking, PFM, latin america, fintech innovation

Author: Aoife Crean on Jun 15, 2018

Davivienda & Strands Power Digital Banking in Colombia: Interview with Margarita Henao

Davivienda and Strands join forces to bring their successful PFM solution to the Colombian and Latin American markets, as part of  their commitment to innovation and to the future of digital banking. We chatted to Margarita Henao, Vicepresident of Personal Banking Products at Davivienda about the bank's quest to innovate and offer the best service to their customers.  

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Topics: digital banking, PFM, latin america, fintech innovation

Author: Aoife Crean on Jun 15, 2018

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