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Albert is Channel Partners Manager, overseeing partnerships with major systems integrators, management consulting firms, technology providers and academic institutions.

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PSD2: Threat or opportunity for banks?

The FinTech world is buzzing about PSD2. Should banks be worried?

European banks are finally realizing the magnitude of the revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2), which will force them to provide account information to third parties via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that cut out transaction intermediaries.

PSD2 aims to:

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Topics: Digital Transformation, API, account aggregation, payments, open banking, PSD2

Author: Albert Morales, Product Manager on Apr 28, 2016

FinTech and banks: together for better financial services in Spain

WHat's next for the FinTech sector in Spain?

There is little doubt that the FinTech sector will be the catalyst that enhances efficiency and user experience across all banking services. So far though, reality hasn’t exactly lived up to the hype. This is particularly true in Spain, where leading financial institutions (by market volume) have been especially reluctant to embrace this natural technological evolution, thinking they’ve been “doing FinTech" for years. If they are market leaders, it must be because they’ve been on the right track all along… right?

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Topics: FinTech, Retail banking, Financial services, fintech sector spain, financial services spain, banks in spain

Author: Albert Morales, Product Manager on Mar 2, 2016

FinTech y bancos, alianza clave para la mejora de los servicios financieros


El sector FinTech está siendo un catalizador para mejorar la eficiencia y la experiencia de usuario en todos los servicios bancarios. Si bien es cierto que ha habido mucho ruido al respecto, los resultados no son proporcionalmente visibles. En concreto, los bancos en España líderes por volumen de mercado han sido especialmente reticentes a esta evolución tecnológica natural, pensando que ya estaban haciendo FinTech desde hace años y que si eran los líderes era porque ya estaban en el buen camino.

El problema ha sido que no han entendido que la palabra FinTech no significa única y exclusivamente tecnología, sino ayudarse de ella para ofrecer una mejor experiencia de servicios financieros a los usuarios finales gracias a mejoras en la eficiencia interna.

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Topics: FinTech, Bitcoin, blockchain, fintech sector spain, Bancos de España, financial services spain

Author: Albert Morales, Product Manager on Feb 8, 2016

Banking with Bitcoin

With the news of the first Bitcoin ATMs being installed in Athens and the feverish buzz around Citicoinyou're probably wondering: hey, when do we actually get to start banking with Bitcoin?

A few of our developers* were asking the same question lately and, bright inquiring minds that they are, began dreaming up all kinds of possibilites and ideas to mainstream virtual currencies like Bitcoin into retail banking and integrate it into personal finance manager tools like  Strands PFM
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Topics: Personal Financial Management (PFM), FinTech, Digital Transformation, API, Virtual currency, Bitcoin, Digital currency, Retail banking

Author: Albert Morales, Product Manager on Jul 10, 2015

Following FinTech: 7 ways to stay updated

The world of FinTech is exploding, and sometimes it's easy to get lost in the plethora of new terms, companies, events and technologies that come part and parcel with the rapid emergence of this burgeoning sector.

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Topics: FinTech

Author: Albert Morales, Product Manager on May 25, 2015

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