Strands Loop meets Apple Watch: sneak peek into our R&D

      Posted by Cesar J. Richardson on Mar 13, 2015 in CLO

      We've all heard the news this week: Apple finally launched their much-anticipated Watch. The neat little device can handle phone calls, leverage iPhone via WiFi or Bluetooth, and doesn’t even need a built-in cellular radio. 

      More importantly (at least for us), is understanding how this new hardware can improve your (financial) life without having to rummage through your bag or pockets to dig out your phone, slide to unlock, punch your passcode and tap the notification window.

      Our Product Team already has an idea of what that magic might look like. They envision an Apple Watch that allows you to receive and accept or reject relevant offers on-the-go.

      See them in action working on some new mockups below:

      We're also working on real-time push offers triggered by iBeacons while you browse through shops alerting you of deals that match your purchasing behaviour. It's like having magic discount coupons appear out of thin air when you're steps away from that new flatscreen you're eyeing - beats spending 15 minutes sifting through the latest spam in your mailbox for deals you actually want!

      Have any ideas you want to share? Tweet to @StrandsFinance and let us know what you think - if you can make our Product Team say "Wow, that's cool" we'll send you an Amazon Gift Card to buy a book. Or anything, really... except we don't know what you want, only your bank does! 

      Cesar J. Richardson
      Cesar J. Richardson

      Head of Alliances at Strands. Cesar has over 15 years of experience identifying business opportunities, implementing plans and generating revenue growth in investment banking technology, online travel and educational technology companies.

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