Celebrating International Women’s Day: 6 Women That Inspire Us

by Vaida Pakulyte on Mar 8, 2017


What better way to celebrate International Women's Day than to reflect on the women who inspire us at Strands?

We asked our staff to share their favorite female role models with us. Here are a few of the leading ladies in FinTech who inspire us to believe that within each one of us lies the potential to think big, create, provide solutions and give back to a worthy cause.

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Elizabeth Lumley, Director of Global Ecosystem Development at Rainmaking Innovation, Startupbootcamp FinTech & InsurTech.

“Last year I was invited to speak at a GSMA panel in Brussels where I met Liz, who was the moderator. It was great to come across such a warm and fun lady in a very male-dominated FinTech world. She has been in this industry for some time, and has experienced the evolution and up and downs of the latest trends and innovations firsthand. I would call her a real “FinTech insider” and as such, it’s always interesting to hear her opinion and vision about where this “rollercoaster” is taking us.”

Victoria Yasinetsakya, Marketing Director at Strands


Anna Irreira, FinTech Correspondent at Reuters

“Anna is an inspiration to me on so many levels. I first discovered her through Reuters, where she shares insights about tech and FinTech. As an incredibly tech-savvy woman, Anna brings a strong, positive voice to the FinTech community. Anna is a truly inspiring FinTech journalist who focuses on creating content that is conversational, engaging and adds value. Her passion for FinTech and creating meaningful content makes her a force to be reckoned with.”

Vaida Pakulyte, Digital Marketing Manager at Strands


Claire Calmejane, Director of Innovation at Lloyds Banking Group

“She's driven by the desire to deliver global economic growth through digital, making services easier and more accessible across industries, particularly within financial services. One of the principles she follows in her role at Lloyds is the ‘make each other successful’ model, collaborating and working across teams and divisions to harness collective expertise.”

Miriam Ballesteros, Digital Marketing Specialist at Strands


Claire Cockerton, Founding CEO, Innovate Finance

“It’s always good to see women in positions of power, but to be a female CEO of not one but two FinTech companies in a male-dominated world, deserves some recognition. She was involved in the implementation of Level39, a benchmark in the world of FinTech, and is an active member of Women in Tech, representing women in this field.  It’s important to have a voice as an executive female, but to give back to other women trying to make their voice heard, makes her a true leader.”

Aoife Crean, Copywriter at Strands


Maria Jose Jorda Garcia, Head of Customer Experience Transformation at BBVA

“I firstly met Maria at Efma conference and it was very inspiring to listen to her thoughts about where the digital banking industry is going. Maria is passionate about creating new ways for banks to approach digital customers.”

Estefania Gual, Business Analyst at Strands


Margaret Hamilton, CEO of Hamilton Technologies
"Margaret Hamilton was an unusual and revolutionary spaceship programmer. Although not an astronaut, she contributed to the success of the Apollo missions, through the development of onboard guidance software for NASA as their lead software engineer."

Verónica López Gutiérrez, Android Senior Developer






Vaida Pakulyte is a digital marketing manager at Strands. As an outcome focused online marketer, Vaida is interested in online banking and specializes in creating content that sticks. 


Vaida Pakulyte
Vaida Pakulyte

Vaida Pakulyte is a marketing & UX expert. Her fields of expertise include digital transformation, content and social media marketing, branding and design.

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