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Bridging the gap: connecting banks and women

Consider the following statistics:

  • Women make 89% of the banking decisions for their families. 
  • Just 20% of female breadwinners said they were "very well prepared" to make financial decisions, versus 45% of their male peers. 
  • Women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. over the next decade and be the beneficiaries of the largest transference of wealth in US history.

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Author: Vaida Pakulyte on Dec 21, 2016

La enorme contradicción en FinTech: el caso de FemTech


Hace unas semanas me invitaron a participar en Women Techmakers Barcelona, un evento que nace de la iniciativa de Google para dar visibilidad, crear comunidad y proporcionar más recursos a las mujeres de todo el mundo que se dedican a la tecnología.

Mientras preparaba mi discurso, y después de escuchar a otras mujeres que están impulsando esta iniciativa, me he vuelto mucho más consciente de la necesidad de traer más talento femenino al mundo de la tecnología, y sobre todo para animar a las mujeres a unirse a la FinTech Race.

El motivo principal es la gran contradicción que existe en FinTech:

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Topics: Financial services for women, FinTech Race, FemTech, financial inclusion

Author: Victoria Yasinetskaya, Marketing Director on Mar 22, 2016

FinTech's biggest contradiction: the case for FemTech

My #FemTech wake-up call

A few weeks ago I was invited to speak at an event called Women Techmakers, an event held in Barcelona as part of a Google initiative to provide visibility, community, and resources for women in tech.

While preparing my speech and also after listening to other women that are driving this initiative, I have become much more aware of the necessity to bring more female talent to the tech world, and especially to encourage women to join the FinTech race.

The main reason is because of the giant contradiction I see in FinTech:

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Author: Victoria Yasinetskaya, Marketing Director on Mar 18, 2016

6 ways FinTech can change the banking game for women

FinTech has been lauded as a game-changer in nearly every sense of the word, but can it also revolutionize the way banks serve women? 

Right now, women clients are finding that FIs simply aren't meeting their specific needs. In fact, a BCG survey of more than 12,000 women from 21 countries found that of all the industries that affect their daily lives, women feel most dissatisfied with the financial services industry, both on a product and service level.

The surveyed women also reported a strong willngness to switch to a provider that would understand them better. This translates to real costs for banks failing to deliver an empathic understanding of women's unique situations and needs in running their homes and businesses (oftentimes happening simultaneously).

After all, we're talking about 50% of Earth's population here, and that's no small change - particularly when it comes to women who run their own business. Women entrepreneurs represent a very profitable and financially engaged segment with an even more specific set of needs that have traditionally been ignored. According to a 2014 Goldman Sachs report, woman-owned SMEs represent an untapped potential market for banks of approximately $235 billion

So why, in so many aspects of banking, haven't women's needs been prioritized? And how can FinTech help the financial services industry cater more effectively to women entrepreneurs? 

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Author: Leandro Gimeno, Business Development Manager on Sep 17, 2015

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