The best of Fintech Pulse: Thought Leadership Highlights 2016

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The best of Fintech Pulse: Thought Leadership Highlights 2016


We are excited to announce our first annual Fintech Pulse Magazine edition of 2016. The aim of FinTech Pulse has always been to keep a finger on the digital transformation of banking as we know it, driven by FinTech innovation. It is an open space for financial technology experts inside and outside of Strands to chronicle and opine on their observation of and participation in the industry’s metamorphosis.

Since its inception, FinTech Pulse has nurtured a healthy reputation for strong thought leadership, fresh and original content, and expert insights in the world of fintech and financial services. With this special compilation that we are calling the FinTech Pulse Magazine, it is our honor and pleasure to share with you the most successful posts in terms of readership, originality and editorial richness. From taking a hard look at AI in banking to philosophizing on PFM as meaning, FinTech Pulse truly has some-thing for every kind of financial tech enthusiast.

After crunching the numbers - here are the final posts that were the most popular this year:



Kantox interviews Erik Brieva

You must have heard the quote that rocked the banking world at last year's Mobile World Congress: "BBVA will be a software company in the future”. Our FinTech friends over at Kantox recently asked our CEO Erik Brieva whether he thinks this is true…  Over Here → 



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The State of the banking industry in 2016

There has never been a time of greater change in the banking industry. Customer demands are changing rapidly and banks are under huge pressure to adapt their services in line with these expectations. In this special edition of FinTech Pulse, financial technology news leader bobsguide talks to Dr. Marc Torrens (CIO), Luis Rodriguez (VP Product Strategy) and Albert Morales (Product Manager) about the state of the banking industry today.  Over Here → 


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The Crucial data missing from your online banking…

Banking is really about leveraging data to provide insights to customers just when they need it and in the way they prefer. In other words - banking users want to have a holistic view of their entire financial situation. Read what it really means in this post. Over Here → 




4 ways to compete in mobile banking: “Mobilis in mobili”

The essence of banking in the 21st century is digital. And by digital we really mean mobile, since most studies show that web traffic will become residual as mobile takes over as the “primary screen” among digitally connected consumers. By 2020, research estimates only around 6% of users will access services via PC. Over Here → 




PFM as meaning: Strands interviews Michal Panowicz, Digital Innovator

You have probably read lots about the digital transformation, but have you ever thought about what that actually means in practice? We asked that and even more questions in an insightful conversation with thought leader Michal Panowicz. Over Here →  




Artificial Intelligence in banking: Pain in the bot?

What happens when the worlds of financial services and artificial intelligence collide? Will bots be banking for us? Banks first need to think about the efficacy of their AI interface, which means making chatbox banking functional before worrying whether it's conversational enough. Over Here →  



There you have it. Ready to dig into it? Download our Fintech Pulse magazine that will help you finish off 2016 in style and put your planning for 2017 in the right direction.


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Author: Erik Brieva, CEO on Nov 2, 2016

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