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Open Banking & PSD2 Coming into Force: Here’s what’s ahead

With the official Open Banking kick-off date programmed for this weekend, it’s the topic of the moment.  What will change?  Is it safe to share customer data? How much information do banks need to give their customers?

Many banks have already missed the deadline, asking for extensions at the last minute, and what was originally set to be a full-steam-ahead approach to Open Banking looks now to be a more cautious, hesitant launch, on a considerably lower scale. So, come Saturday, what will change?


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Topics: online banking, digital banking, open banking, PSD2, psd2 impact on banks

Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Jan 12, 2018

SME Banking: Small, but Serious Business

The key to serving the SME is to understand their plight.  Despite accounting for 99% of all businesses in many countries around the world - in the UK alone, there are 5.4 million SMEs - they have been all but left out of the equation by banks.  In this post, the aim is to break down the particular needs of this segment and suggest fitting solutions.

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Topics: Financial Management for Small Business (BFM), BFM, business finance, SME banking, small business

Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Dec 7, 2017

Nadie es más valiente que Brieva: los éxitos del CEO de Strands

Erik Brieva, de origen cubano, no es para nada una persona ajena al éxito. Experto en matemáticas y en ciencias de la computación, ha dedicado su vida profesional hasta el momento a proyectos empresariales, software para empresas, y negocios basados en Internet, cofinanciando y administrando varias compañías en España, el Reino Unido y Estados Unidos antes de impulsar STRANDS al escenario FinTech en todo el mundo.

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Topics: Big Data, digital banking, strands

Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Dec 4, 2017

No-one’s Braver Than Brieva: The Successes of Strands’ CEO

Cuban-born Erik Brieva is no stranger to success. A mathematics graduate and computer sciences expert, his professional life thus far has been dedicated to entrepreneurial ventures, enterprise software and internet-based business, having co-founded and managed several companies in Spain, the United Kingdom and United States before propelling STRANDS to a world FinTech stage.

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Topics: Big Data, digital banking

Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Nov 23, 2017

Why the Future of Digital Banking is About Great Conversations

You do not have to meet your bank manager for coffee once a month to have a healthy, communicative relationship with your bank and with money in general.  You don’t have to see them at all, but they must be an ally, a friend. And they definitely have to mean it.

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Topics: Digital Transformation, online banking, digital banking, open banking

Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Sep 28, 2017

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