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2 Months In to Open Banking: What’s Changed so far?

Oscar Sala, VP of Product Strategy at Strands, Member of the Board of Mobey Forum and co-chair of their Open Banking Working Group, has extensive experience in digital transformation in retail and corporate banking, contributing in particular to the transformation of several companies within Grupo Caixabank, where he was instrumental in the development of new digital banking services, and the application of Fintech methods to ‘disrupt’ the status quo of the financial sector.  

Oscar currently defines the product strategy at Strands, alongside the product management team, helping to consolidate the company as the Fintech partner for banks around the world.

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Topics: open banking, PSD2, banca

Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Mar 9, 2018

6 Ways to Offer Women Banking Happiness

Wakeful Nights: Women & Their Finances

Women decide on some 80% of all purchases across the board and are the main owners of 52% of bank accounts, yet they do not feel understood, satisfied, or that their needs are being met by banks or financial institutions. We have discovered that the vast majority of women feel detached from the world of finance, its culture and jargon, putting them at a disadvantage when it comes to taking control of their financial futures, and making daily decisions with a sense of security. In short, banks do not connect with women.

A lack of financial education, poorly-targeted messages and a male-dominated conversation mean that women are misinformed and worry more than men about their finance wellbeing. What Should the Woman-Friendly Bank Offer?

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Topics: Financial services for women, women and banking, FemTech, women in tech, fintech women

Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Mar 8, 2018

Open Banking: Balance de los primeros meses

Oscar Sala, VP de Product Strategy en Strands, Member of the Board de Mobey Forum y co-chair de su grupo de trabajo sobre Open Banking,  cuenta con una amplia experiencia en transformación digital de sectores como banca y retail, en particular contribuyó a la transformación de diferentes empresas del Grupo Caixabank , donde lideró el desarrollo de  nuevos servicios de banca digital y la aplicación del ámbito fintech para ‘romper’ con el estatus quo del sector financiero. Oscar actualmente es responsable de la estrategia de productos en Strands, ayudando a consolidar la empresa como partner fintech de los bancos alrededor del mundo.

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Topics: open banking, PSD2, banca

Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Feb 27, 2018

Trends for 2018: The A, B, C (D, E & F) of Fintech for the Coming Year

2018 will bring exciting change in the banking sector. This will be a year in which new regulations and new ideologies will cement their presence in finance, and the customer will continue to rule the roost.  A year of optimizing experiences, revamping our digital offering and taking banking to the underserved segments of the world.

Not for the faint of heart, but banks would be wise to add a few of these to their resolution list!



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Topics: business finance, digital banking, fintech disruption, fintech innovation, fintech reading

Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Jan 18, 2018

Open Banking & PSD2 Coming into Force: Here’s what’s ahead

With the official Open Banking kick-off date programmed for this weekend, it’s the topic of the moment.  What will change with it?  Is it safe to share customer data? How much information do banks need to give their customers?

Many banks have already missed the deadline, asking for extensions at the last minute, and what was originally set to be a full-steam-ahead approach to Open Banking looks now to be a more cautious, hesitant launch, on a considerably lower scale. So, come Saturday, what will change?


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Topics: online banking, digital banking, open banking, PSD2, psd2 impact on banks

Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Jan 12, 2018

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