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Top 10 unmissable banking & financial innovation conferences in 2018

If you work in banking or the FinTech industry, you are undoubtedly overwhelmed by the number of financial services conference invitations you receive each day in your inbox, on LinkedIn, and indeed over the phone. I know how it feels, especially at the beginning of the year when I sit down with my team to decide which events we should choose to attend and sponsor this year. Which ones are not to be missed? How should we allocate our budget and time efficiently?

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Author: Victoria Yasinetskaya, Marketing Director on Feb 14, 2018

The Shape of The SME: 5 Expert Predictions for SME Banking in 2018

During 2017, we have seen numerous advances in technology and the introduction of new regulatory policies that are reshaping SME Banking. Despite still being an underserved segment of sorts, digitalisation, machine learning and open APIs have opened up previously unimaginable opportunities for banks to get closer to the SME customer.

While no one can see the future, we asked SME Banking experts to share their predictions with us. Here’s a preview of what the best in Fintech have to say about the coming year in SME Finance Management.

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Author: Vaida Pakulyte on Feb 8, 2018

Erik Brieva’s Bookshelf: 10 Top Business Books to Get Ahead In 2018

Erik Brieva, CEO of STRANDS and entrepreneur, reveals the top business books that helped shape his business savvy. 

As CEO of STRANDS, FinTech partner for banks, founder of Polymita, and co-founder of multiple companies within enterprise software, mobile and Internet spaces, it’s safe to say Erik Brieva knows more than a thing or two about business and entrepreneurship.



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Author: Miriam Ballesteros on Feb 1, 2018

SME Finance Forum Interview Series: Guga Stocco on Banking innovation

Brazilian Guga Stocco is an advisor and board member of companies like B3, the biggest stock market in the world. He co-founded Domo Invest, a fund that raised R$ 100 million for investments in Internet and Fintech. Guga was also responsible for the creation of the first fully digital bank in Brazil with more than 300,000 clients and projects such as online bank account opening and open banking platform, allowing fintechs to access APIs easily and explore Brazilian Market.

As the fourth part of our SME Finance Forum interview series, we asked Guga about the key initiatives in the digital transformation taking place in Brazil, and how banks or financial institutions can take advantage of this opportunity.

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Author: Vaida Pakulyte on Jan 24, 2018

Trends for 2018: The A, B, C (D, E & F) of Fintech for the Coming Year

2018 will bring exciting change in the banking sector. This will be a year in which new regulations and new ideologies will cement their presence in finance, and the customer will continue to rule the roost.  A year of optimizing experiences, revamping our digital offering and taking banking to the underserved segments of the world.

Not for the faint of heart, but banks would be wise to add a few of these to their resolution list!



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Author: Aoife Crean - Content Manager on Jan 18, 2018

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