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PFM of The Future: A Virtual Personal Finance Coach

While there’s been a lot of coverage recently on Fintech disruption and innovation in the banking space, Personal Finance Management (PFM) isn’t gathering enough attention even though it represents a phenomenal opportunity for banks to proactively help customers manage their finances.

So what gives? wipro digital's Strategy Director Alla Bida explains and paints a compelling picture of what a game-changing, supercharged PFM looks like... 

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Topics: Personal Financial Management (PFM), digital money management, PFM, financial coach

Author: Nicole Harper, Content Manager on Aug 30, 2016

Blockchain + Bitcoin = The Financial System of the Future?


What a mess our global financial system is: $230 trillion of global debt. Imploding currencies all over the world, whether it’s the Brazilian Real, Russian Rouble, Venezuelan Bolivar etc. Money printing and devaluing of currencies by central banks on a scale unimaginable ten years ago... the list goes on. 

While a tiny minority has become obscenely wealthy, billions of people are struggling to survive, all due to a system that was poorly designed and has not evolved to meet modern needs. What’s more, most of those people don’t even have access to some of the financial services that we often take for granted, such as online banking, credit, and ATMs. 

So what would a financial system look like that truly functions for the underbanked or unbanked in any country?

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Topics: Bitcoin, blockchain, blockchain technology

Author: Nicole Harper, Content Manager on Aug 18, 2016

Forecasting FinTech: Views from Life.SREDA


In the emerging FinTech hub of Singapore, VP Sales (APAC) Xavier Marcillac sat down with Vladislav Solodkiy, CEO and Managing Partner at Life.SREDA, a venture capital firm focusing on investments in FinTech, mobile and Internet projects.

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Topics: FinTech, Digital Transformation, PFM, Vladislav Solodkiy

Author: Xavier Marcillac, VP Sales APAC on Aug 5, 2016

Inbound Marketing for Banks and E-Commerce: Easy as 1-2-3!


About a month ago, the Strands Marketing Dreamteam took a field trip to Madrid to attend the 4th edition of Inbound Marketing Made In (#IMMI16), jointly organized by ICEMDSeedRocket and InboundCycle

A lot of our learnings are readily applicable to the Strands world of financial services and e-commerce, so we thought we'd share the best knowledge nuggets with you, dear readers! 

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Topics: marketing for banks, inbound, e-commerce, content creation, inbound marketing

Author: Nicole Harper, Content Manager on Jul 22, 2016

The Future of Fintech is Africa

In May I attended Dotfinance 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. A stellar roster of speakers, including Chris Skinner, Jim Marous and David Brear gave me a holistic overview of a market to which I'd recently been assigned, so I thought I'd share my findings here. 

Fintech may have arrived in South Africa, but East and West Africa are really leading the innovation charge. The entire continent is getting in on the Fintech fun with a unique competitive edge:

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Topics: Africa fintech, CBA, Commercial Bank of Africa

Author: Marco Esposito on Jul 12, 2016

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