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19 Greatest Fintech News Sites We Read at Strands

What are the top Fintech blogs you read every day?

This is a question our team gets asked just about every day. We noticed that in the past couple of years, quite a few informative sources of fintech wisdom have risen to prominence.

While there is a long list of blogs to browse and many more sites we could mention, this is our go-to list of top fintech blogs we read every day.

Check out the blogs below and be sure to hop back to Fintech Pulse thread for even more suggestions!

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Author: Vaida Pakulyte on Oct 26, 2016

Alternative Data – The Newest Trend in Financial Data

As quants, we’re all aware that every model has a shelf-life. Sooner or later, the ideas and techniques behind every “proprietary” analytical technique diffuse into the broader world, at which point that technique is no longer the source of a competitive edge or alpha. What’s less well appreciated is that a similar pattern applies to the world of data. Rare, unique and proprietary data eventually diffuses and becomes commonplace, easily available, edgeless data. The best analysts constantly reinvent their models, to avoid their inevitable obsolescence. Today, they’re venturing into the world of alternative data as a new source of alpha.

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Topics: FinTech, data industry trends, alternative data

Author: Tammer Kamel on Oct 20, 2016

Why Banks Need Fintechs To Understand Their Customers

The banking and fintech community now widely view data as the new frontier of finance. The successful banks of tomorrow understand that the key to success lies in harnessing their massive amounts of customer data, and to successfully do this, they must collaborate with their agile counterparts, fintechs.

Steve Ellis, head of innovation at Wells Fargo identified fintech’s leading role in customer data analysis and that “there will be places where partnering with (fintechs) makes perfect sense.” Ruth Wandhofer, global head of regulatory and market strategy at Citibank, says that fintechs "should produce solutions around innovating bank data."

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Author: Timothy J.Woods on Oct 14, 2016

Leveling Up: Why SME Banking Needs Machine Learning

Before you read this post, have a look at this video:

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Topics: Machine Learning, SMEs, SME banking, machine learning tools, machine learning for finance

Author: Pau Velando, General Manager on Oct 5, 2016

How Machine Learning Makes Banking More Personal

The rise of financial technology, or FinTech, has been one of the most exciting developments of recent years. Firms such as Transferwise, Kantox, Monzo and iZettle have proved that tech startups are capable of offering individuals and SMEs quicker, cheaper and more convenient financial services than traditional banks.

New progress in the area of artificial intelligence and machine learning has created the opportunity for fintech to steal yet another march on banks. Creative application of machine learning has the potential to enable startups to also offer a fairer and more personal service than anything that has come before.

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Topics: Digital Transformation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, personalized banking, AI

Author: Nicole Harper, Content Manager on Sep 30, 2016

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